Tolerance Rings for Miniature Ball Bearings

Your IDEAL Solution for Miniature Ball Bearing Designs

  • Made especially for miniature and small-sized ball bearings, up to 30mm in outer diameter.

  • Ideal for high-precision and high-speed rotating components to ensure rotational accuracy.

  • Customizable for a wide range of applications and sizes

How they work:

Tolerance Ring waveforms are designed to exert a holding force yet allow for ease of assembly between mating components. This closed wave configuration is typically very strong with the strongest part being the shoulders or closed ends of the wave. When the Tolerance Ring is assembled between mating components each wave is elastically deflected resulting in holding force. The holding ability of the ring is the resultant force of all the waves and the coefficient of friction with the mating components. Benefits of Using Tolerance Rings with Miniature Ball Bearings:


  • Outer race rotation
  • Vibration and noise
  • Fretting
  • Need for adhesives


  • Thermal growth concerns
  • Corrosion in harsh environments
  • Need to lower installation forces when press fit is not desired

Precision instrument applications:

  • Electrical control systems
  • Flow controls
  • Gyros, synchros and servos
  • Handheld medical devices
  • Household electrical appliances
  • Motors & Power tools
  • Robotics used in high-precision assembly lines
  • Telecommunications equipment

Types of Tolerance Rings Used with Miniature Ball Bearings

AN rings have corrugations that face inward. They are open in the free state, so that when installed inside a bore, the ring conforms to the bore and is self-retaining.

ANL rings have corrugations that also face inward and are light-duty versions of AN rings. The material that is used is very thin, so ANL rings do not maintain a circular shape in their free state.

Both styles of ring are meant to be used with  miniature ball bearings. These light duty rings are used primarily where installation forces must absolutely be kept to a minimum and where the ring will see low radial loads.

Custom Design

We custom unique ring configurations for each miniature ball bearing application, allowing our customer’s design engineers to solve the most complex and challenging mechanical applications. All of our tolerance rings are made and shipped from our facility in Pennington, New Jersey.

For more info on how tolerance rings can help your miniature ball bearing designs, contact us today!

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